Dragonfly Dream Hooked Art Project

Who doesn’t love dragonflies? Those water loving creatures with their iridescent wings have always fascinated me. I had a couple sketches for dragonfly patterns, but I was contacted by a customer asking if I could design one in the same style as my Butterfly Bliss pattern.DSC_3448 3After some thought, I sketched this design. It brought back memories of going to an aquatic park with my photography club. I love the lotus blooms, cattails and dragonflies I saw there.0219181452 2I used the awesome light box my hubby made for me to transfer the design onto some bleached linen.0809181450_HDR 2Thankfully, I had a rug hooking event to attend at the time and found this wool that had iridescent fabric fused to it. The woman I purchased it from said that it could go through the cutter and be hooked.0329181207_HDRSo I jumped right in and hooked the dragonfly body. I also used chunky wool yarn and silk yarn. Oh, it was beautiful already! I didn’t like how the ends of the iridescent fabric showed white, but that was easily fixed with a green marker.0331181006_HDRNext was to tackle the wings. I have done several projects with other fibers and even one with some jewelry attached. And even though I liked how those projects turned out, I wanted to go even more “over the top” with this piece. I decided that the wings should be 3D. So, I grabbed some purple craft wire, my jewelry making tools and started playing.0412181128The wire frame was actually pretty easy. Just a few twists.0412181130After twisting the frames, I placed them on the iridescent fabric, traced them and cut them out.0412181231Because I’m a jewelry maker, I love all things sparkly. This seemed the perfect opportunity for beads. I used invisible thread (nasty stuff to work with, by the way) to attach the fabric to the wire and then the beads to the fabric. It took some time, but I loved the results. I contemplated whether to only bead the top wings and leave the bottom ones alone.0412181650 2But I couldn’t do it. I was enjoying doing that beading. And I loved all four of them having bling. I kept laying the wings on top of the project to gauge how the end result was going to look. I needed to figure out how I was going to attach them. Had to think about that.0414180742aI took breaks now and then and worked on other parts of the piece. I decided to try my hand at sculpting. Cattails are perfect for it. Usually sculpting is more manicured, but I left mine organic looking. I also added some yarn for the fluff that is often exploding out of cattails.0416180809 2The leaves for the cattails begged for a multitude of various fibers. I grabbed my box of green stuff and found yarn, silk, ribbon and velvet to use. How yummy!0416180812 2I was making good progress.0424180807Dragonfly eyes are incredible things. I studied several photos online. I thought about hooking the eyes, but I had seen gorgeous Swarovski crystals that I wanted to use. Again, how should I attach them? These crystals only had holes on the top. So, I crafted a crude wire frame that went through the holes but also had points on the bottom to hold the crystals in place. I wound yarn around the wire frame and sewed it onto the linen backing.0510181401_HDRThe next photo shows the eyes attached. It worked! At this point, I started contemplating the background. I thought about making water and sky. But somehow, that didn’t resonate with me. As I traveled, I began collecting wool and yarn that I thought might work. I fully intended to use only one of the things I bought, but then the thought crossed my mind, “Why not use it all?” Indeed! 0510181545_HDRNow for the lotus blossoms. Since I was desiring to make this an over the top piece, I wanted to use lots of different techniques. It was time for proddy.0510181642a_HDR_2In order to get the proddy to look like lotus blossoms, the petals needed to stay upright when the piece would hang on the wall. So, I got out my craft wire and invisible thread again. Every single petal has a wire sewn onto the back of it.0516181401_HDRI enjoyed working on this project as we traveled around in our RV. After proddying the flowers, I worked background in behind them.0521181356At first, I left the seed pods alone.0625181414_HDRBut then I decided that they would look better with some embroidery. Yet another technique for the art project.1106181253_HDRI then incorporated some ribbon work for leaves around the flower bud.1106181253c_HDRHere is a closeup of the embroidery on a seed pod.0626181100_HDRMatt caught a photo of me while creating. I had lots of light from our big windows.0626181349_HDRI decided that I liked the lotus blooms!0626181409_HDRI added a french knot at the center of the lotus leaves.DSC_5357At this point, we were traveling around Nova Scotia. I was having a blast meeting rug hookers everywhere we went. What a wonderful trip! I also dragged Matt to yarn shops. We went to one that was in a room of a lady’s house. I wanted pretty wool yarn for whipping this piece. I liked two of the colors she had but they were of different weights. I just went ahead and used both of them at the same time. Loved the way it looked.0726181702_HDRI put a fabric label on the back of each of my hooked creations. So after printing this on printable fabric, I sewed it to the back.0801181450a_HDRThe piece was completed except for attaching the wings. At this point it looked a little lacking, but pretty.0801181515b_HDRI poked the wings through the backing…0801181520_HDRAnd then through a nifty piece that Matt made on his 3D printer. It was just what I needed. I was able to thread the wires through the holes and twist them securely into place.0801181523_HDRThe wings stayed put, just where I wanted them. Look at that cool three dimensional effect.1106181255_HDRMy Dragonfly Dream art work is a reality! I loved using varied techniques on this project. 1106181256b_HDR 2b for pattern infoWho knows what will happen when an idea starts to roam around in the brain? This one was a great learning experiment for me. And I just love the results! 0801181603_HDR 2

5 thoughts on “Dragonfly Dream Hooked Art Project

  1. Rachel Wright says:

    That’s a great success. Really good use of the adventurous materials!

    And no, I don’t know anyone who’s used the invisible thread who likes it. It may be useful, but – urgh!

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